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Let’s cut to the chase and talk dollars and cents.

An hourly rate of $100 applies to most consulting services. The first meeting (up to one hour) with any prospective client is always free, giving us a chance to meet each other and see if we think I can provide value for you. Invoices are net due in 10 days and go out every Friday.

Real Estate Management. The rate varies based on the local market your property is in and if it is commercial or residential. My rate ranges from 8% to 12% but always matches or beats local reputable services.

Asset Sales. If I handle all details and work, including inventory and research, 25% of net sales.

Video Production. We can negotiate either an hourly or custom bid rate, generally the latter. I have produced things with budgets of $500 to over $150K so it really depends on your project specifically.

We offer discounts to certain 501(c)3 organizations (in the range of 10-25%, depending on the services provided).

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