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The story of Got Your Back Consulting is the story of founder and principal, Ron Richardson. Coming from a very poor, violent, and rural background, I was lucky enough to work at Wizards of the Coast from the early to late 1990s as the company grew from about 20 employees to over 500 and revenue rose from $50K per year to over $400 million. During that time, I cut my teeth as a project manager and earned an MBA, making me the first member of my known family to complete the educational trifecta earning high school, undergraduate, and graduate degrees. For the full professional story, details, and numbers you can see my business resume. And, if you are interested, you can see my acting resume.

After I left Wizards, I started providing personal consulting to high-net-worth individuals, doing everything from event planning to investment research and asset management. I also formed my own video production company, and raised funds for charities, independent film/video/life productions, and artistic installations. All while nursing an acting career and providing personal and professional coaching.

Now, Got Your Back Consulting is a swiss-army knife ready to deploy and address the host of problems that startups, small businesses, high-net-worth individuals, and artistic organizations encounter every day.

About Ron and Got Your Back

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