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John Longenbaugh

I have worked with Ron Richardson as a co-producer, actor and business consultant. He combines formidable business savvy with strong personal ethics while somehow managing to keep a healthy sense of humor. What's more, he's able to bridge the gap between a sharp financial instinct and a creative artistic imagination in a way few people I know are able to do.

Ron is the person I call for financial advice, personal advice, and to be a sounding board for my own artistic ambition. He is hard-working, resourceful and a very funny guy, who is as comfortable wearing a tool belt as he is on the stage. In an era of specialization, Ron Richardson defies the mode by being more of an all around jack of all trades than any man I know.

If he says he can do your job, chances are he's right.

John Longenbough

Battleground Productions

Founder, Director, Writer

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