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Hmmm, so many wonderful things to say about Ron and, boiling it down to the essentials, I'd have to summarize in three words: integrity, capability, and effectiveness. Having known Ron for 30+ years, there is no one else whom I trust more for helping in virtually any situation by providing honest, objective, and creative analysis and solution design. More significantly though, he turns ideas into reality through practical, pragmatic and effective execution. When you need "it" done, and done right, Ron's the GoTo guy. Project Manager, Creative Director, Media Development, Process Improvement, Execution Specialist, Business Consultant, and Personal Advisor all rolled into one bundle of "Get It Done!" He's helped me make money, save money, develop competitive advantage, and mitigate risk in personal and professional endeavors ... one of the best people I know and continue to count on.

Brian LaMure

​Chief Architect

McGraw Hill Education

Brian LaMure

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